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Best Buy sells the iPhone: Yet another place to wait in line

Apple has a new retailer of its iPhone 3G. Will it be as bad as the others?

In case you were looking for another place to fritter away hours in the day, you will soon be able to stand in line at Best Buy for the iPhone 3G. Lucky you.

Starting Sept. 7, both the eight- and 16-gigabyte models of the 3G phone will be available at all Best Buy stores, except for a handful located in areas where AT&T's wireless service isn't available, Best Buy said.

Let's hope that Best Buy manages the activation process better than the Apple Store has. Only AT&T seems to be able to consistently get the iPhone 3G registered, and even it takes up to 20 minutes. Maybe Best Buy will do better, but more likely it's simply a way to spread the pain around.