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Best Buy Canada touts iPhone, but lacks sales contract

North of the border, Best Buy's Web site is promoting the iPhone. But it's not selling them, of course, and doesn't have any plans to do so, at least yet.

Even companies that aren't selling the iPhone have taken to promoting its virtues.

AppleInsider spotted a Web page hosted by Best Buy's Canadian operation where customers can sign up to receive more information on the "revolutionary new device from Apple." That's a rather forward way of hawking a product you're not selling, eh? Neither Best Buy Canada nor its U.S. counterpart have plans to sell the iPhone any time soon, a corporate representative in Best Buy's U.S. offices confirmed.

Best Buy Canada is using this iPhone image to promote the 'beautiful' and 'powerful' product that it's not even selling. Best Buy Canada

As we all know, AT&T was the launch partner for the iPhone, and those hosers have the iPhone all to themselves for a while. Strong demand for the iPhone during opening week has many buzzing about other launch partners in Europe and other parts of the world. Earlier this year Rogers Wireless put out a release claiming it would be the exclusive Canadian provider of the iPhone. That makes sense, since Rogers is the only GSM carrier in Canada, but that release apparently crossed the blue line before Apple was ready. Rogers later said it had no definitive plans to carry the iPhone.

Apparently Best Buy Canada still wants to capitalize on the buzz around the iPhone, however, and will provide iPhone-related information to its customers as it sees fit. That's rather nice of them--marketing the iPhone in Canada for Apple without an immediate return--which makes me think there's a plan in the works for later this year or early next. Unless Don Cherry is running Best Buy Canada's marketing department.