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Best Buy buys into tech support 2.0

On a new site, Best Buy and Geek Squad customers will be able to swap real-world solutions to common technical problems.

Those who prefer getting help from peers over negotiating the sometimes headache-inducing labyrinth of traditional tech support will have an additional online outlet come Tuesday. FixYa, a user-generated Web site for product care support, is set to announce a co-branded effort that brings Best Buy customers and the Geek Squad together to swap real-world solutions to common technical problems. Think social networking meets tech support.

FixYa logo

Customers wanting to perform their own fixes (or trying to dig others out of trouble) can go to the Best Buy Web site and access from the "Customer Service" tab. They can search by product, SKU, manufacturer, or product category, or post a new query and receive community troubleshooting. Solutions are free, and visitors to the site do not have to be Best Buy or Geek Squad customers.

If visitors still need "professional assistance" after querying their peers, they have access to the 17,000 Geek Squad technicians populating the site with tips and support. FixYa's community currently has more than 30,000 contributors; the Geek Squad gang will help expand that base through their own contributions.