Best Buy begs you to buy Beats headphones instead of bad Christmas gifts

Technically Incorrect: In a new ad, the retailer shows a man who's just tired of getting exactly what he doesn't want for Christmas.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Do you feel his pain?

Best Buy screnshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Half the time you just don't care, do you?

There are people you have to buy gifts for and you just go for the safest bet. It's a safe bet the recipient will hate it.

Such is the ritual of Christmas gift shopping.

In an ad due to launch on Sunday, Best Buy entreats you to stop and think. You're buying for a human being. Think about what that human being would really like.

In this case, we have a man who bemoans the fact that he's going to have a return a multitude of gifts. The mittens, the chambray baseball hat, the a grill apron that reads: "Ooh baby, I like it raw" will all have to go back.

And then there are the awful "hiking" shoes.

It's quite clear, Best Buy believes, what this man really wants. Just look at his slightly slobby check shirt. Observe his tired demeanor. There's only one thing that will make him happy: Beats Solo2 wireless headphones.

With these, he can shut out the world. With these, he can wander along to stores or the post office to return the countless useless gifts with Drake humming in his ears.

With these, he can finally attach himself to a semblance of cool -- or, at least, a semblance of peace.

As the holiday season approaches, retailers will insist that they have the solution to your shopping problem. They don't want people to be returning things. It's a logistical nightmare.

Help your local gadget retailer. Buy lots of gadgets. Everyone wants gadgets, don't they? Without gadgets, there is no cool anymore.