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Best Buy ad suggests that Santa's an Apple fanboy

In a new spot for the holiday season, Best Buy explains to kids that Apple's range of products is the smartest way to get to Santa.

Is this the only way to the Lapland of the Gods?
Best Buy/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

This is the time of year when children display their strongest credentials for adulthood.

They find ways to manipulate their parents and suck up to their uncles and aunties -- after first, of course, examining all the ads for the most exciting gift options.

Why, only today I saw a Christmas wish list from an 8-year-old called Miles who had highlighted certain gifts in black (Things I Need"), as well as gifts in green ("Things I Want").

Best Buy clearly believes it understands these kids. It understands, it seems, that they all want Apple products.

In a new ad that struck me numb during an NBA game, a nice man from Best Buy explains to a mom and her son that you can "do anything" with Apple products.

I know that some might feel you can't quite do anything -- such as find your local Best Buy on an iPhone.

But we aren't here to quibble. We're here to feel joy at having to spend money.

So this little boy immediately leaps to an iPhone to ask Siri where Santa Claus lives.

He then sits at a MacBook in order to book himself a flight to the North Pole, only to discover his Amex card limit doesn't quite cover it.

With the prompting of the fine and kind salesperson, he attempts to contact Santa on FaceTime.

I wouldn't want to spoil the ending for you, as I know many of you are moved by sentimentality.

One can imagine, though, that Best Buy will be inundated with little children, dragging their parents around the store, demanding Apple gifts for Christmas.

That ought to improve your shopping experience.