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BeOS: The tech that should have won

Crave UK travels back in time for this special feature.

Crave UK

There are some things that were never meant to be: British summers without nearly constant rain, politicians that speak the truth and BeOS triumphing over Windows. We all have technology we love that was a casualty of a nasty format war, but what if there was some way to save the tech that should have won and give it a helping hand?

Luckily for us, there is one man who can put things right, fight injustice and fix history for the better. His name is Captain Tech. Our intrepid superhero has the ability to travel through time and give events a helping hand, ensuring that superior technology doesn't languish anymore and the best gadgets brighten our lives for many years to come.

In the course of his travels, Captain Tech has resurrected BeOS, increased the popularity of the Atari ST and helped Betamax vanquish VHS. Find out what else he saved in Crave UK's special feature. If your dearest tech hasn't been plucked from the great spare-parts bin in the sky this time round, perhaps Captain Tech will get his time-travelling pants on again sometime soon.

(Source: Crave UK)