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BenQ's LED-based Eco displays

BenQ introduces two new LED-based monitors.

This far too small pic is the only one released to the public thus far. I'm trying to get BenQ to send over a larger, more satisfying pic. When I do, i'll update this blog with it. BenQ

More than a year ago, I reviewed the BenQ V2400W and remarked about its unique and aesthetically pleasing design. BenQ must have felt the same way.

On Wednesday, BenQ announced a new line of LED-backlit monitors that hearken back to the company's V2400W model. The 24-inch V2400 Eco and 21.5-inch V2200 Eco look to be LED versions of the V2400W, albeit with a stark white chassis. Each monitor sports a native resolution of 1,920x1,080.

According to BenQ, both LED models offer "zero light leakage" enabling an ultra-high dynamic contrastratio of 5 million:1. Hearing hyperbolic details like that just increases my anticipation in getting these in for testing to see just how much clouding (backlight bleed through) they actually have.

According to BenQ, each display is mercury-free and consumes approximately 36 percent less power than traditional CCFL displays. Both new V Series models also feature Eco modes for 30 percent less power consumption (than normal mode).

Additionally, the new models are lighter by 14.6 percent and thinner by 21.2 percent than CCFL displays of comparable screen size. BenQ says this will save on the amount of packaging required for each display by 56 percent. The two new displays will be available worldwide starting in China mid-August. Look for more coverage on Crave and CNET in the coming months.