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BenQ camera sports iPhone-like touch screen

While its imaging features are nothing to brag about, the T850's iPhone-like capabilities stand out from the competition.


The Taiwanese manufacturer has just introduced what it claims is the world's thinnest 8-megapixel digital camera, the BenQ T850. Measuring a compact 14.9 millimeters thick, it has a stainless steel casing, a large 3-inch LCD display, 3x optical zoom, and high ISO 1,600 setting.

But while its imaging features are nothing to brag about, the T850's iPhone-like touchscreen capabilities stand out from the competition. According to the press release, users can access almost all the camera functions with three simple finger movements: tap, circle, and swipe. The swipe gesture (left to right across the screen), for instance, can be used to view images, while drawing a circle lets you enlarge a specific portion of an image. You can also tap on the display to specify exactly where you want the focus to be on an image, tap the bar to navigate when watching videos or listening to music, and even add scribbles and fun artwork to photos.

Other features on the T850 include image stabilization and face detection, as well as various preset settings and a "Smile Catch" function that shoots in succession to capture that perfect smiling shot. The camera is expected to be launched mid-May in China and selected markets across Asia and Europe. No pricing was given.

(Source: Crave Asia)