Bend minds with this 'Inception'-inspired Wave City Coffee Table

The dream world crosses over into reality with a coffee table that takes an entire city and bends it over to delight your mind and hold your java mugs.

This coffee table rethinks reality.

Have you ever had a dream where you woke up in your dream but were really still dreaming? Pretty trippy, right? Now you can get that same sort of feeling during your everyday waking life with a coffee table inspired by the mind-bending movie "Inception."

In case you need a refresher, "Inception" is a 2010 movie from director Christopher Nolan ("Interstellar," "The Dark Knight"). It explores the use of dream-sharing technology and is stuffed with hallucinatory visuals involving hallways defying gravity and a whole city bending over on itself.

That city-bending scene inspired Cyprus designer Stelios Mousarris to build the Wave City Coffee Table, a visually stunning and impossible-looking creation showing a wood city in a "J" shape with the buildings facing in. Some of the buildings are right-side up, while others defy gravity and face sideways or down.

The table is made from wood and steel, along with some 3D-printed components. You can imagine a little Leonardo DiCaprio and tiny Ellen Page walking through the coffee table city's streets, fascinated by the moldable nature of the creation. You can almost hear Page's dialogue as she says, "My question is what starts happening when you start messing with the physics of it?" The answer is, this coffee table.

Mousarris is fond of unusual furniture items. The designer also created seating made from rugs that hold their shape and a chair that is both see-through and solid.

The Wave City Coffee Table is for sale for €4,000, which works out to about $4,300, £2,950 or AU$6,100. That's considerably less than Nolan's $160 million budget for making "Inception," but Leonardo DiCaprio is not included.

Inception table close-up

A closer look at the upside-down buildings.


(Via Designboom)