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Ben & Jerry's amusingly mocks Apple's 1984 ad

Technically Incorrect: An ad for its new Brrr-ito sees Ben and Jerry's launch a stoned hipster version of Apple's legendary opus.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Yes, she's about to throw a Brrr-ito. Ben & Jerry's/YouTube; screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

1984 was so long ago. Yet it is also now.

These days, we're already under nonstop surveillance. We already wonder who knows what about our deepest secrets.

Somehow, the 1984 that Apple portrayed in its famous Ridley Scott-directed advertisement for the first-ever Macintosh computer has washed over us and left us numb to most of its realities. Thankfully, along come those studly ice-cream men called Ben and Jerry to reinterpret 1984 for the stoned generation.

Introducing their Brrr-ito, Ben & Jerry's thought it would look back in order to look forward.

Here is a scenario with which you'll be familiar, but selling a product that won't be seen until, well, Monday.

Vivid is the liberation that one simple product can infuse into a dulled populace.

Refreshing is the candor with which Ben & Jerry's admits that we have all turned to drugs in order to live a more peaceful life and code better.

Chilling is the notion that we can be saved only by products, as the essences of humanity have been washed away by a waterfall of disillusion.

This is the story of our times. Where marijuana and ice cream protect us from what is left of ourselves.