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Ben Affleck unveils unimaginative title for his Batman movie

Big-screen superhero actor Ben Affleck reveals the name for his labor-of-love standalone Batman movie, and it definitely keeps things simple.

You're Ben Affleck, the deadliest Batman ever to appear on film. You're writing, directing and starring in your very own standalone Batman movie. You can call it anything you want.

How about simply "The Batman?"

Affleck spoke with the Associated Press during a marketing push for his soon-to-open action-thriller release "The Accountant." When asked about the title for the upcoming solo Batman film, he said it would most likely be called "The Batman."

"At least that's what we're going with now," he said, leaving the door open for a change down the line. The AP posted a portion of the interview to YouTube on Monday.

Affleck also revealed the script is "going well" and he's "really excited about it." Affleck previously teased a video on Twitter that hints at fan favorite Batman villain Deathstroke as the film's big baddie. If he's really popular, maybe we'll get a spinoff movie called "The Deathstroke."

Admittedly, it's hard to come up with a compelling Batman movie title. How about "The Caped Crusader?" Sounds a little cheesy. Maybe "Gotham Knight?" No, too close to those Christian Bale titles.

"The Batman" ties in with some earlier versions of the Dark Knight on the big screen. Director Tim Burton brought Michael Keaton into the role in the 1989 film "Batman." And, of course, there's the classically campy 1966 flick "Batman: The Movie."

We can expect less spandex and more armor from Affleck's version.