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Beluvv Puppy tracker crowdsources lost dogs

The affordable Puppy Bluetooth pet tracker uses your friends, family, and neighbors' smartphones to locate your lost dog.

Beluvv Puppy tracker on dog
Get your neighbors to help find your dog.

Beluvv originally appeared on the tech scene with Guardian, an app-connected Bluetooth bracelet for kids that lets parents know when the young ones wander too far away. That same tech has now gone into Puppy, a tracking tag designed to go on a dog's collar.

Pet trackers are nothing new, but the Puppy makes an interesting choice by skipping GPS and only using Bluetooth technology. This keeps the device small and gives it a long battery life (up to a year), but it also means you can't just pull up Mr. Floof-toes' exact location on a map when he goes missing. You'll need to rely on friends and neighbors and the ability of their iOS smartphones to hopefully pick up the signal and track down the wayward dog.

Leaving out GPS or cellular tracking tech also means Puppy is very affordable. The device costs just $29.95 and is available for preorder.

The ideal situation with Puppy is to simply not let your dog out of range in the first place. Its main purpose in life is to act as a proximity alarm to warn you when your dachshund's short legs are carrying it out beyond a predetermined distance from you.

Puppy's price and simplicity should make it appealing for pet owners who just want an easy way to keep dogs within digital reach when they're out enjoying the day in off-leash areas. If you want a whole lot more location data, you'll need to spring for a GPS tracker like Tagg, with its $100 initial cost and ongoing subscription service.

Beluvv Puppy
The Beluvv Puppy tracker is water resistant and sits inside this pouch. Beluvv