Beijing 2008: Tech gets in on the Games

As the usual tech suspects are aiming to grab sports enthusiasts' attention, others are dealing with censorship issues.

CNET staff
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The Summer Olympics in Beijing are getting unprecedented online exposure, and as the usual tech suspects (both wired and mobile) are aiming to grab sports enthusiasts' attention, others are dealing with censorship issues.



Journalists, residents getting same Net in Beijing

Tests at the main Olympic press center and on other connections around the Chinese city show that both reporters and city dwellers are getting less restricted Internet access than usual.
Hacker exposes alleged Olympics age fraud
Olympic group rethinks YouTube copyright claim
Internet firms agree to 'code of conduct' in China
Olympic head: No deal on Internet censorship
Olympic committee bans 'professional' cameras for visitors
Can you 'report freely' on Olympics with Net restrictions?
Olympic organizers cut deal to censor Net access
Why the Chinese Olympic Net censorship won't work (unless the Western press wants it to)
Internet censorship plagues journalists at Olympics
Olympics preview: Beijing's Internet censorship, surveillance
'Internet freedom' bill targeting China cooperation faces rough road
August 21, 2008

Serving it up

Valley to NBC Olympics: 'Poppycock, Peacock'

Thanks to the insistence on tape-delayed coverage of the Olympics, NBC's ratings are down in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Microsoft gets a 'Blue Screen of Death' medal
Dreaded Blue Screen of Death strikes Olympics
What it takes to bring the Olympics to the PC
2008 Olympics: The digital games
Sun, Intel to provide server technology for NBC Olympics
Lenovo preps for grueling Olympic tests
Silverlight to shine in NBC's Olympics coverage
August 19, 2008

Online video

The Real Deal 124: Olympic video

Tom and Rafe talk about how the Olympics was delivered online, what this means for online video, and how it can be done better.
Are online advertisers disappointed by NBC?
Video: Olympics fans cheer on streaming video
We all love this Olympics, right? Not Adobe
Olympic Games take the gold in the workplace
Olympics live: Cool, but with compromises
NBC's Olympics: Separating half-baked from half-faked
Why the Internet continues to be NBC's Olympic headache
Extremely late to the party: HDTV is awesome
The Olympics on the Web: Squashed by tradition
Opening Olympics ceremony video online, but not on NBC
YouTube Olympics channel brings games to multiple nations
Web still taking backseat to TV at Olympics
Censors not able to keep up with NBC's online Olympics coverage
Two steps forward, one step back: NBC's online Olympic coverage
August 19, 2008

Those social-networking twin rowers...

Sixth place in Beijing for twin ConnectU founders

After making it all the way to the grand final of the men's pair in the rowing event, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss fail to win a medal; Australian team gets the gold.
Winklevoss twins advance to Olympic finals
Winklevoss twins get another Olympic shot
ConnectU founders falter in Olympic rowing heat
How to watch the ConnectU founders row in the Olympics
ConnectU founders score spots on U.S. Olympic rowing team
August 16, 2008


CBS video: Cybersecurity at the Olympics

Joel Brenner, the U.S. national counterintelligence executive, talks with Bob Orr of CBS News about the threats that travelers to China could be facing and offers advice on how travelers can protect themselves.
RFID goes prime time in Beijing Olympics
PDAs to track Olympic VIPs in Beijing
August 8, 2008


Google brings Olympics updates to mobile phones

NBC is waiting to show the ceremonies until prime time, one of several marquee events not being shown live. Unofficial video, though, has popped up on other sites.
Google Translate comes to the iPhone
JaJah launches free translation and voice dialing services
Bumpy start for China's homegrown 3G
Free Wi-Fi at Beijing Olympics? It's spotty so far
August 8, 2008

Search and advertising

eMarketer: $5.75 million for video ads on NBC's Olympics site

The millions spent really isn't that impressive, the market research firm says, when you look at how much is spent overall during the year.
August 22, 2008

Microsoft searching for Olympic medals

Google and Yahoo aren't the only ones that plan to tweak their search engines to highlight Olympic results. Microsoft said it, too, will feature results related to the Beijing Games.
Yahoo, Google rejigger search for Olympics
Google to deliver ads to online Olympic video
August 7, 2008

Product promotion

Lenovo gets flashy with Olympics-inspired drives

The Chinese flash drives bear colorful designs and higher prices than those seen on the American Web site.
At Beijing Games, Haier's washing-machine spin
De Vere's Olympic iPhone has more bling than a medal
Super-light Nike Flywire shoes to make Olympic debut
Samsung churns out another Olympic phone
Kodak to release camera for Olympics
Hoist an electromechanical torch
RFID goes prime time in Beijing Olympics
August 6, 2008

In and around Beijing

One month before the Olympics, the dirtiest air in China is in Beijing

Despite advertised measures to decrease pollution, as we approach the one month countdown to the Beijing Olympics, the government's numbers rank Beijing as having the dirtiest air in China.
Counting down to the Olympics and working out major ticket headaches
Beijing subway upgrade ends paper tickets
Can clean tech stem China's environmental woes?
July 8, 2008