Behold the DIY Batmobile

Holy brake pads, Batman! This guy built his own Batmobile!

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The postmodernist discussion of what makes a man a real man has been ongoing for decades. Well, the discussion is finally over. The bar has been set, and all of us who think we're real men need to stop pretending and accept that we are not and most likely never will be. The world has birthed its first real man, people. That man is Bob Dullam.

The man's Tumbler: made with no actual blueprints. Bob Dullan

Bob updated his fellow geeks--yes, geeks and real men are not mutually exclusive--on what he's been able to accomplish thus far on his little project. Bob has built a full-size replica of the Batmobile--or Tumbler, as it's called in the first film--from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He apparently did this with no actual blueprints, using only photo references that he found online. Feeling a little insecure yet? Yeah, me, too.

According to the thread where he posted under the username "youngbat," Bob did it all on his own with no help whatsoever. This is not surprising, though. Since he is the only real man in existence, any imposters who would try to help would only screw things up. You know, they would probably want stuff like brakes or power windows or something. It's like, no dude. There is no stopping, OK? Real men either go around or through obstacles. They don't stop. And the idea of power windows on a Batmobile is dumb. How would that make sense?! What are you planning to do, stop at the drivethrough for a Biggie Fry and Coke on your way to severing some purse snatcher's spine? I don't think so. Hmmm, actually, I guess it does have brakes according to the thread, but still, most likely no power windows.

Where does he get those wonderful toys? He builds them, damnit! Bob Dullan

Aside from essentials like the engine, wheels and tires, Bob has constructed this thing completely from scratch. So far he's spent between $50,000 and $70,000--and it's not even done yet. He's not stopping, though (see?). In the thread, Bob says of quitting: "It feels like climbing Mt. Everest halfway up, you start to wonder if this wasn't a big mistake. Then you realize that you are too far to quit. In fact, quitting is now not an option. Because if you do quit, you will have set a precedence about yourself, and all up to this point will become a huge disaster."

As for future plans? Bob says "Yes, I will do a batpod, and TDK suit for myself. I love building this stuff." Can The Keene Act be far behind?