Behold, a naked gaming party YouTube video

A video featuring a naked gaming party attracts more than half a million people to YouTube. Is it a surreptitious ad? Of course it is.

Chris Matyszczyk
4 min read

I have a feeling that there will be more than one reader of these pages who will be gaming in the nude this weekend.

It is not merely that the weather has warmed up a little. It is a lifestyle choice.

I can imagine that clutching one's console wearing nothing in which it can get snagged is one of the more liberating experiences for the tense and the troubled.

So when I discovered that there were naked gaming parties in New York City, I thought to myself: Where else? Here is a place where everyone wants to expose their every last glory to anyone else prepared to gawp.

The YouTube video that was sent to me featured young and even, in some cases, attractive people, gaming together in the altogether. They commented on how lovely it was not to be distracted by a vibrating cellphone in their back pocket. They purred at the idea that they can just be free and have a fun time.

I myself hummed at the notion that nude gamers still keep their Oakland A's hats and yarmulkes on while attempting to kill alien beings or enemy soldiers.