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Think back to the Like that time forgot with #BeforeFacebookI

"@midnight" looks back to a time before Mark Zuckerberg was a household name and MySpace's Tom was our only real friend with the #BeforeFacebookI hashtag.

If you've ever found yourself ready to throw in the towel over Farmville invites, liking things out of sheer guilt or completely innocently seeing what your ex is up to these days at 2 a.m. just out of, y'know, polite curiosity, hearken back to a simpler time with "@midnight's" #BeforeFacebookI hashtag on Twitter.

It also very neatly ties in to the social media company's rapidly approaching 12th birthday, and the action has now jumped streams, becoming one of the top-trending topics on Facebook as well. On Thursday, the social-networking giant will celebrate its birthday, or what it calls Friends Day, with videos it says "stitch together special moments" of your life on Facebook into a short film that can be edited and shared.

Host Chris Hardwick and a panel of fellow comedians riff nightly on the news of the day on Comedy Central's "@midnight", but this latest wave of pre-social media nostalgia was brought on by the late-night game show's #HashtagWars (correctly pronounced "hashtag hashtag wars") segment.

Presented with a hashtag, generally one with at least a little cultural significance, all of Twitter is free to take part in the fun. The victorious tweets (determined through the most democratic of methods, namely number of favourites and retweets) are rewarded with a retweet by the official @midnight Twitter account.

Tuesday's hashtag asked viewers to look back to a time predating Facebook's restropsective On This Day feature and get a little wistful with #BeforeFacebookI. And that's totally how it worked in practice.

Check out some of the tweets below (or the posts on Facebook), and if you're feeling particularly creative, leave your own pre-Facebook memories in the comments below.