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Beer vending machine only puts out for lazy people

As part of an Amstel marketing stunt, vending machine only serves beer to people who stand around doing nothing for three minutes.

Amstel Pause machine
The Amstel Pause requires you to kick back before you kick back with a cold one.

The latest trend in product publicity stunts involves the use of high-tech vending machines. Pepsi created a soda machine that gives out sugary beverages in exchange for social-media love. Coffee company Douwe Egberts built a machine that pours a hot cup when people yawn. Now, beer company Amstel has created the Amstel Pause, a beer vending machine that requires a lot of standing around.

Amstel Bulgaria used marketing agency Next-DC to build the machine. Anybody who wanted a beer had to stand in a designated spot in front of the Pause, push a button to start a timer, and wait for three minutes before it would cough up a can from its precious inventory.

The machine was placed in a busy location in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, for 16 days. Beer-hungry patrons totaled up to 67 hours of doing nothing but waiting for a brewski. The total output was 1,344 free beers.

Perhaps the next evolution in vending machine marketing stunts should be a combined machine that offers coffee when you yawn, beer when you wait, or soda when you share on Facebook.

(Via PSFK)