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Beer can keyboard is perfect for drunken Facebook updates

Forget touch typing, we're entering the realm of tongue typing with a working keyboard made from full cans of beer.

Beer Can Keyboard
There's no word on whether or not the keyboard was ice cold.
Robofun Create

Don't drink and text. Don't drunk dial your ex. That's all good advice, but it will be extremely hard to follow if you happen to be the owner of the Beer Keyboard.

The Beer Keyboard is exactly what it sounds like. It uses beer cans in place of keys. Just gently press down on a can and you trigger the proper letter or number on a computer.

The keyboard is made from 44 beer cans and an Arduino-powered touch capacitive controller. It was hatched by Prague-based brewer Staropramen and Robofun Create, a company dedicated to building unusual tech items.

The keyboard can be used with any device. For the 2012 Webstock conference in Romania, it was hooked up to a Raspberry Pi and plasma screen monitor. The conference was sponsored by Staropramen. The keyboard was used to encourage participants to sign up for the brewer's e-mail list.

I would love to have a keyboard like this, but it probably wouldn't last very long around my house. I'd be too tempted to drink my technology. Unless it was made from Keystone Light. Then it would be perfectly safe.

(Via PSFK)