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Beer and vinyl will make you feel fine, thanks to this delivery service

Hurd sends you an exclusive 7-inch vinyl and a selection of tasty craft beer or cider each month.

Hurd sends you a drink and a record every month.

When you need to take your mind off things, you could do worse than sitting down with a brand new record and a nice cold, ice cold beer (or cider).

New subscription service Hurd serves up just such a treat for the tastebuds and lugholes alike, delivering vinyl records and craft beer (or cider) to music lovers.

Hurd presses a limited edition 7-inch vinyl from an emerging artist each month and sends it to you matched with four craft drinks.

The service is available in the UK, where music fans can choose beer or cider or a mixed selection of the two for £18 each month (that's about $22 or AU$30), or just get the vinyl single without the booze for £8 (around $10 or AU$12). You also get a digital mixtape of different tracks.

The service kicks off with some wonky doo-wop from Liverpool band Trudy and the Romance and will continue with up-and-coming artists each month. You can see more new bands every day on Hurd's blog.

And vinyl-ly, check out how the fascinating way a record is made...

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