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Bedjet heater (or cooler) blows the arctic (or tropics) away

Toast your tootsies or chill out up to your chin with Bedjet's Kickstarter project, a gadget that keeps your bed in the temperate zone.

Bedjet and app
This should blow the cold away.

It's not an electric blanket. It's not a waffle-iron-esque heating device from the past.

It's a Bedjet, a heating and cooling gadget controlled by a remote or smartphone app. The Kickstarter project is raising funds to make beds either toasty warm or soothingly cool.

Since it's winter, we'll look at the heating properties first. Bedjet says it can heat a bed to "hot towel out of the dryer" feel in three minutes. The concept is pretty straightforward. It consists of a fan-like device with a flexible nozzle that blows warm or cool air up under the sheets.

Getting your bed to the perfect temperature before you dive in comes with a price tag. The Bedjet is going for a $249 pledge. You could afford a lot of wool socks and extra blankets with that, but you would miss out on the way the Bedjet makes your bed look like a cyborg.

You can turn the device on while you're in bed, too. This would be the time to imagine you're Marilyn Monroe standing over the sidewalk vent. For people who tend to hit hot and cold streaks, this particular use could be handy.

The Bedjet certainly sounds appealing as the weather chills off and that dreaded moment of jumping into a cold bed approaches every night. It's a little goofy, to be sure, but sometimes goofy works.