Because the world needed a flying bee toy

Wowwee does it again, for Seinfeld's 'Bee Movie.'


There obviously aren't enough flying robotic animals in the world, and we surely need more product merchandizing tied to major motion pictures. So we're thrilled to learn of the "FlyTech Barry B. Benson," the official toy based on a character in Dreamworks' Bee Movie.

The toy is billed as "the world's first radio-controlled flying bee" (who knew there was such a demand?) and is naturally made by Wowwee, creator of the "Robosapien"--Hollywood's favorite robot. With its flapping wings, Barry supposedly can reach 18 miles per hour as it maneuvers in tight spaces with its "crash-resistant" body. That may be foreshadow what the star of the movie, Jerry Seinfeld, will be doing when it opens in November, depending on what the critics have to say.