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Because pets can get depressed too

"Fauna Sauna" claims to uses radiant heat for treatment of various animal maladies, including stress.


Crave has visited the effects of sunlight on human behavior more than we care to remember, but it's all for a good cause. If a few colored lights can stave off violence in the workplace (namely ours), than we're all for it. One thing we'd never anticipated, however, is a product that can have similar results on non-human beings.

The "Fauna Sauna" (we're not making this up) uses solar-like radiant heat, sans ultra-violet rays, "to bring healing to your pet right in your home," according to InventorSpot. It's even available in two versions--"Classic" and "Pro"--depending on the severity of your pet's maladies.

This form of "far infrared" heat, according to the company, can treat everything from arthritis to skin wounds--and, of course, stress. Then again, maybe Rover wouldn't be so tense if he wasn't so freaked out by you hoarding his fur.