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'Beauty and the Beast' trailer full of fur, fire and magic

Step into Disney's magical world where beasts can be gentlemen, the candlestick can talk and villagers want to kill things with fire.

Emma Watson is stepping into another magical realm, but this one has nothing to do with Harry Potter.

Disney released a full trailer for its live-action "Beauty and the Beast" remake on Monday, and it's dripping with magical happenings. Watson takes on the role of Belle, the "Beauty" in the title.

Disney isn't too concerned with keeping the plot under wraps. Belle goes searching for her father and gets her first look at the furry and fanged "Beast," played by Dan Stevens from "Downton Abbey," all within the opening minute of the trailer.

Disney isn't skipping over the more surreal elements from the animated film. We still get a walking and talking candlestick, clock, cup and teapot. The footage hints at action scenes, but the unlikely romance between Belle and the Beast is still at the heart of the trailer.

One thing you wont' find here are the stars belting out classic songs like "Be Our Guest." It looks like we'll have to wait to hear the cast's singing voices.

"Beauty and the Beast" opens in theaters in March, 2017.