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Beautiful Epic Citadel demo live, free in App Store

Epic Games' killer gaming demo is available for free, and it certainly looks nice.

Yes, this is an iPhone game.
Yes, this is an iPhone game. Scott Stein/CNET

Aside from Game Center, Epic Games opened plenty of eyes with its beautiful-looking swords-and-castle-exploring game demo at Apple's iPod-themed music event. Although the full game won't be released for a while, a free demo has hit the App Store to show skeptics how impressive the game's graphics really are.

We downloaded Epic Citadel for a peek on our iPhone 4, and it is admittedly a thin experience: you're limited to wandering around the city with dual analog virtual pads and looking at the pretty scenery. However, the graphics are truly as impressive as what was witnessed during the Apple event. We already knew iPhone games were fast catching up to other handheld experiences, but Epic Citadel more closely resembles an Xbox 360 game than anything we've seen on the PSP.

Check out a few pictures below, and download it for yourself.