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Beatles Fans: John Lennon's Childhood Home Is for Sale

Sorry, strawberry fields not included.

Young John Lennon tuning a guitar
Oh! Darling, want to bid on John Lennon's childhood home?
Max Scheler K & K/Getty Images

The family home of Beatles singer John Lennon is headed to auction this month. The property, originally owned by Lennon's mother, is expected to pull in at least £250,000 ($291,000) when the online auction closes Sept. 26. The story was originally spotted by Bloomberg.

Omega Auctions described the Liverpool house as a large three-bedroom semi-detached property almost entirely surrounded by gardens. 

According to the auction house, Lennon actually lived with his aunt nearby, but frequently visited and stayed over with his mother and his sister Julia. The house was a frequent spot for Lennon and his fellow Quarrymen bandmates to practice, as well as Paul McCartney starting in 1957. 

"This property played an important role in John's (and Paul's) development, being a place they could both escape to and practice without fear of complaints from neighbors or aunt Mimi," the auction house said in the listing.

Even if you can't make a bid on this piece of history, you can take a virtual tour on Omega Auction's YouTube page: