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Beaming Kirk and Spock action figures caught in mid-transport

Retro "Star Trek" action figures get a new twist with a glittering classic transporter effect that makes it look like their legs are dissolving.

Beaming Spock action figure
Mr. Spock is halfway to Vulcan by now.Entertainment Earth

Back in high school I had to come up with a way to create a "Star Trek" transporter effect on film for a school project. I settled on a tall cylindrical glass full of water and glitter with a Captain Kirk action figure standing behind it.

I swirled the water with a chopstick and we filmed the transportation with vocal sound effects. It sure would have been easier if I'd had Beaming Spock and Beaming Kirk ReAction figures.

The toys are designed to look like the original Kenner figures from the '70s and '80s. They are just under 4 inches tall and have posable arms, legs and heads. Regular versions of these figures are already available -- the beaming bods are new.

The effect is achieved by integrating a glittery look into the legs. It creeps up the hands and into the torso. Even the phaser included with Kirk is dissolving.

If you have a set of regular action figures, you could swap them out with the beaming figures whenever the USS Enterprise's top officers need to beam down to a pleasure planet for shore leave. A regular Scotty action figure is available to work the transporter.

The action figures are made by Funko and are an exclusive at retailer Entertainment Earth. They go for $12.99 (about £8, AU$18) each. The toys are estimated to be available to ship (including internationally) in August.

Beaming Kirk action figure
Beam me down, Scotty.Entertainment Earth