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Beam Brush turns Android into dental coach

Beam Technologies' new smart toothbrush works with an Android app to improve your lazy oral-hygiene habits.

Beam Brush
Robert needs to improve his brushing times.
Beam Technologies

Scrubbing your chompers probably doesn't top your list of favorite things to do. That means you rush through it without lavishing your teeth with the attention they truly deserve.

The Beam Brush is aiming to change your slacker ways. The manual brush hooks up with an Android app to track how long you are brushing, with the ideal time being 2 minutes per session. Simple charts show if you're reaching your goals.

Multiple brushes can be paired with a single app for moms and dads who want to track what the kids are up to. Each brush can be set to wirelessly sync its data automatically using Bluetooth.

The Beam Brush should be out in March with a price tag around $50. The brush heads are replaceable and will cost about the same as a standard toothbrush.

The connected toothbrush should be able to guilt geeks into doing a better job of brushing out all those Doritos and Twix crumbs. Now, I'm just waiting for some smart Bluetooth floss.