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'Beam Brush' lets you share hygiene data with dentists

The Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush, which became available as of last week, is embedded with a sensor to track brushing habits and enable users to send their oral hygiene particulars to dentists.

What happened to Robert's oral hygiene in mid-September?
Beam Technologies

Without the aid of a timer, how likely are you to brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes?

Not very, according to the folks behind a new smart toothbrush, the Beam Brush. They say the average person spends only 46 seconds brushing their teeth, but that a simple timer makes them 50 percent more likely to reach the two-minute mark.

So their Bluetooth-enabled brush, which debuted a year ago at CES, got FDA approval in June, and became available as of last week for $49.99, includes not only a sensor to track frequency and duration of brushing but also a timer that can play the user's music of choice for two minutes.

Via a button on the brush's handle, the user can sync data to a companion app and shoot it over to the dentist. Beam Technologies, out of Louisville, Ky., has even included an actual rewards program for people who hit certain targets, such as brushing at least twice a day for two minutes a session.

The brush, which comes in blue or pink, runs on one AA battery. Replacement heads in adult and kid sizes cost $3.99. Pretty much the only thing the brush doesn't have going for it is, unfortunately, kind of a big deal: it's manual.