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Be a better Klingon with this Star Trek self-help video

Now you, too, can become the Klingon you always wanted to be with this fan-made parody video that breaks down the steps to success.

You too can be the ultimate Klingon just like Worf on "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Just because you know how to drink, dress and talk like a Klingon doesn't mean you are the perfect Klingon.

A fan-made video called "How To Be a Klingon Male" gives helpful tips on how to transform yourself into the Klingon you've always longed to be. Keep in mind that passing yourself off as a member of one of the most fearsome warrior races in Star Trek isn't going to be easy.

Then again, this is a parody video, so don't take the advice too seriously. I don't recall any Klingons using their forehead ridges to juice oranges, for example. Also, demanding a raise from your boss using a knife might be get you in trouble with anyone outside of the usual Klingon circles.

The video by YouTube user Lepoissonriuge, posted Sunday, does get a few things right about Klingons, such as their tendency to speak at much louder levels than us puny humans. After all, shouting is a common Klingon trait. "If something is worth saying, it is worth saying loudly," the self-help Klingon host suggests in the video. "When not shouting, scowl, growl and leer."

Klingons also love a good fight, especially with their impressive weapons. The deadlier, the better.

Need a tip we can all use to make our everyday lives better? "Make everything glorious," the Klingon video host suggests. "Whether it is battle or writing ballads of your exploits or running a simple errand down at the shops for some blood wine -- repeat after me, 'It will be glorious!'"

Check out the video for more tips, though dying with honor like a Klingon might be a hard tip to duplicate, so best stick to the safer suggestions.