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BBQ Dragon can light a grill fire in 10 minutes or less

If you have a problem getting the charcoal lit, the BBQ Dragon wants to be your summertime savior.

Could the BBQ Dragon make a clunky charcoal experience a thing of the past?
BBQ Dragon

Sadly, I find it easier to build a computer than a kick off a successful grill fire. The up-and-coming BBQ Dragon could be the breath of fresh air -- literally -- to change my poor fire-starting fortune.

Essentially working the same way as a fan, the cordless BBQ Dragon shoots a large amount of cool air into a fire and accelerates the burning process. The stainless steel device, which has a variable air speed controller and flexible arm, easily clips onto the side of a grill or smoker. The designers say the Dragon works great with bonfires, the Big Green Egg, wood stoves, and more.

Recharging the Dragon seems simple enough, as it comes supplied with four AA rechargeable batteries and a micro-USB slot for easy juicing. The BBQ Dragon appears to have caught fire on the crowdfunding Web site Kickstarter, as the endeavor already captured more than $51,000 in funding from supporters. Interested backers can reserve their own BBQ Dragon for $42.