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BBC Micro returns and 'Ant-Man' reviewed in CNET UK Podcast 440

The UK's best technology podcast talks about smartphone decline, microcomputers in the classroom and your favourite tech from childhood. Also ants.

The BBC Micro, introduced in 1981, was a classic bit of kit that changed the face of modern technology by getting kids interested in programming. Today the BBC wants to repeat that trick with a brand new gadget it's pushing into schools -- the Micro Bit.

In this week's podcast, you'll hear a special report on the Beeb's new microcomputer, as well as a review of 'Ant-Man'. While Luke wonders whether the ants in 'Ant-Man' are unionised, Rich talks us through the latest tech news, including Microsoft's struggles with smartphones and signs that the mobile industry may be struggling to keep sales up.

Plus, your feedback on the coolest tech from your childhood, and so much more. It's all coming up on the CNET UK podcast episode 440, so hit play now! If you enjoyed the show, why not treat us to a review on iTunes? It'd make our weekend.

BBC Micro returns and Ant-Man reviewed in CNET UK Podcast 440

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