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BB-8 car charger gives you an adorable droid co-pilot

You don't have to be Rey to take BB-8 home with you. The cute droid is now in the form of a helpful car charger ready to juice up your gadgets.

BB-8 car charger
Charge my phone, BB-8!

You saw "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." You wanted to be there. You wanted to run through the sands of the desert-planet Jakku with trusty droid BB-8 rolling along beside you.

Well, we can't all be Daisy Ridley, but we can at least own a useful BB-8 in the form of a USB car charger that sits in your cupholder like a little co-pilot.

The Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger from ThinkGeek is more than just a charger, though its main purpose is to provide two USB ports capable of powering up a couple tablets at a time. The head moves and rotates and it makes those cute droid talking noises from the movie. You will need to provide your own droid-to-English translations.

Don't worry. The charger comes with a mute switch in case you don't want to listen to droid chatter. It plugs into your vehicle's 12V power adapter and lights up to indicate its power status.

The charger will make you wish it was possible to get a "POE DAMERON" personalized license plate. It goes for $39.99 and only ships to the US and Canada. ThinkGeek is accepting preorders with an expected ship date in late April.

No matter what your favorite fandom might be, there seems to be a car charger made just for you. "Knight Rider" fans looking to relive the Hoff-tastic days of the '80s can get a KITT car charger. "Back to the Future" enthusiasts can install a time-traveling DeLorean-style Flux Capacitor charger.

Star Wars fans have an embarrassment of car-charging riches thanks to the availability of a Death Star car charger. You can order the BB-8 charger and then change between it and the Death Star depending on whether you're feeling Sith-y or Jedi-y on any given day.