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Battlefield 3 Easter Egg hints at Battlefield 2143

Battlefield 3 is apparently so two months ago. A sleuth has spotted a clue to what could be the next Battlefield game in the franchise.

Anyone missing "Titan Mode" might be interested in this story.
Battlefield 3 Blog

Is Battlefield about to go sci-fi, again?

A sleuth recently spotted what may be a hint to the next game in the Battlefield franchise.

Following in the footsteps of the 2006 futuristic shooter Battlefield 2142, the numbers 2143 appear to be inscribed on a cargo container near the airport on Battlefield 3's Wake Island map. So is it logical to believe that Battlefield 2143, or a 2143 expansion for Battlefield 3, is around the corner just from seeing those numbers?

It could be--if you consider the evidence.

The Battlefield 3 Blog points out that in the Battlefield 2: Euro Forces expansion, a Chevy Camaro SS (usable vehicle) featured a license plate with the numbers 2142.

At the time of release, that number was meaningless until DICE released Battlefield 2142 sometime later, making the plate an Easter Egg of sorts. The crate in Battlefield 3 could prove to be a similar foreshadowing.