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Battle of the wireless headsets

We pit the Creative Digital Wireless Gaming Headset versus the Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless headset to see which you're better off with.

We recently took a look at two new wireless headsets available on the market and pitted them against one another. The Creative Digital Wireless Gaming headset HS-1200 and the Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless headset both offer similar functionality, but only one can be worth your hard-earned cash.

Both the Creative and Logitech are rechargeable units that use USB dongles to transmit audio to their respective headset. However, we were much happier with the transmission radius of the Creative. The Logitech gave us up to 20 feet of freedom, but the Creative was able to let us travel up to 60 feet away from our PC. This was especially nice while using the VoIP chatting program Skype.

Speaking of Skype, both headsets worked great using it and we'd recommend either for doing so. That said, the Creative has a hot key on its right earcup that allows you to pick up a call with the push of a button. The Logitech will only give you volume controls and a mute button (which the Creative matches as well). Each headset has a microphone boom that must be angled down in order for it to work. The Creative was much more flexible than the Logitech, but we found each performed equally well.

When we examined overall sound quality, the Creative came out on top. While we weren't thrilled with the EQ software that came bundled with it, the HS-1200 was able to produce a much richer, fuller sound than the flat, shallow experience we got with the Logitech. While our gaming sessions with Counter-Strike sounded much better using the Creative, voice-communication went well with both headsets.

Overall, we were much happier with the performance of the Creative. Not only did it perform equal or better in every test we conducted, the headset can be had for about $10 less. We can only recommend the Logitech if you're using a Mac, as the Creative only works with a PC.