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Battle of the diamond uber-phones

Vertu vs. Obsession, in diamonds in gold.

Obsession Goldstriker

It's probably just coincidence, but the timing of this offering from luxury phone maker Vertu is interesting. Just yesterday we noted the resemblance between its handsets and those of rival Obsession, and today that perception was reinforced by Vertu's new "Signature Yellow & White Diamonds" model.

True to form, the company spared little expense in creating this handmade tart, embedding 2.4 carats of yellow diamonds another 4.4 carats of white diamonds in its 18k gold case, according to Sybarites. Even the battery cover is adorned with yellow diamond studs.

Not surprisingly, this is yet another limited edition, and Vertu isn't kidding--only 33 of them will be made. But it had better take notice of the competition: Until it slays a few reptiles to make cases of exotic skins, it may lose some street cred.