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Battle of the big games

Microsoft beats its expectations for hotly anticipated "Halo 2" Xbox game. Also: For PC gamers, "Half-Life 2" is locked and loaded. Photos: 'Halo 2' adventure begins Screen shots: Invasion of 'Half-Life 2'

Microsoft beats its expectations for hotly anticipated Xbox game. Also: For PC gamers, "Half-Life 2" is locked and loaded.

'Halo 2' clears record $125 million in first day

Lofty figure backs up predictions that game would eclipse even the biggest Hollywood openings.
November 10, 2004

Computer gaming's Steam-powered war

"Half-Life 2" developer's broadband network could help transform the video game business.
Screen shots: Invasion of 'Half-Life 2'
November 9, 2004

Fans brave long lines, rain for 'Halo 2' debut

They lined up hours before the game's release outside EB Games in San Francisco. "I want it as soon as possible," said one gamer.
Photos: 'Halo 2' adventure begins
November 9, 2004

'Halo 2' builds on a strong foundation

Gamespot review Long-awaited sequel to widely praised, influential first-person shooter has a very tough act to follow.
November 9, 2004

Disney expanding video game investment

Media giant also plans to look for acquisitions of small game publishers and developers.
November 8, 2004

Matrix's 3D memory chips target game devices

Mattel and a Japanese manufacturer have adopted these high-rise chips. Will Nintendo be next?
Photos: Matrix's high-rise chips
November 7, 2004 previous coverage

Intel ratchets up game chip

P4 Extreme Edition runs at 3.46GHz and offers 2MB of cache that enlarges its main pool of onboard memory to boost performance.
November 1, 2004

Big stakes in holiday game scramble

Game publishers and hardware makers will battle for consumers' holiday dollars with a slew of high-profile releases.
Screen shots: Playing for keeps
October 26, 2004

'Grand Theft' of intellectual property

Irony alert: Game publisher is furious over stolen copy of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," in which players steal lots of stuff.
October 21, 2004

Stolen 'Halo 2' hits pirate sites

Microsoft vows to punish whoever stole the hotly anticipated Xbox game, due for release next month.
October 14, 2004