Batman's is bigger than Iron Man's -- headquarters that is

Real estate blog Movoto has stacked up superhero hideouts, from the tiny Shady Shoals Rest Home to the giant planet of Oa. The results are supercool.

Michael Franco
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Michael Franco
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Wayne Manor might not be that big, but with its attached Bat Cave, it ranks seventh in terms of superhero lairs. Movoto

We've covered superhero suits a few different times here on Crave, but the folks over at real estate blog Movoto have just taken a look at superhero suites. They've cataloged and compared 35 different lairs used by everyone from Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (the smallest) to Green Lantern (the biggest, seeing as it's a whole planet).

The results appear in this really cool interactive infographic that lists the digs according to size. They've also been compiled into a flip book we've linked to below, because -- you know -- who's your hero now?

The infographic offers up an interesting visual comparison because the hideouts get bigger from left to right on each line. So on one line, the X-Men's X-Mansion on the left looks teenie in comparison to the Fantastic Four's Four Freedom Plaza at the far right. Jump down a line though, and the Plaza can't even begin to compare with the Batcave to its right (who knew that thing went so far down?).

Hover over any of the lairs on the infographic, or page through the flip book, and you'll find out interesting facts about each of the superhomes -- as well as the ways in which their sizes were gauged.

For example, to determine the size of the Avenger's Mansion in Manhattan, which they knew was a full city block in size, the researchers used the width of an average door in America, which they say is 36 inches, to extrapolate the overall size of the hip headquarters. I'm not so sure that's the kind of scientific method Reed Richards would approve of (it is kind of a "stretch"), but we're not saving the world here.

It's surprising that the mansion falls on the first line of the chart considering that it "now includes four supersonic jets; an underground waterway; submarine; computer complex; private gym and Olympic-sized pool; stun cannons to fend off intruders; and a 12-foot steel and concrete fence." But I guess when you're dealing in supersize, even a jet-holding mansion ain't no big thing.

Personally, I think I'd choose that as my abode of choice if I were a crime fighter, because if you can make it in New York -- well, you know. But how about you? Are you the sun-loving island type who'd feel at home at Thunderbird's island paradise (they based its evaluation on one of the Seychelle Islands -- yeah, baby). Or do you prefer the more frigid climes of Superman's Fortress of Solitude? Perhaps you're a bit of a wanderer who'd feel at home in Space Ghost's Phantom Cruiser.

Let me know which superhome you'd prefer in the comments below.

Click on the graphic to access the superhero-homes flip book. Movoto