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Batman spotted ripping up roads on a reversed Bat-trike

Holy Chiba cruisers! Images of the Caped Crusader tearing around Chiba, Japan, have been circulating social media.

Batman has been known to save most of his crime-fighting activities for after dark to keep up daytime appearances as Bruce Wayne and make sure Wayne Enterprises continues to run smoothly. Except, apparently, when the Dark Knight visits the suburbs of Tokyo and needs to run some errands around town.

Japanese social media has been buzzing the past few days with images like the one above of a (costumed?) Caped Crusader who appears to be outfitted in some pretty slick villain-vanquishing duds from the likes of UD Replicas or someplace similar. While the vehicle shown doesn't seem to be quite as muscular as the actual (fictional?) Batpod, it still looks to be a pretty zippy little reversed mototrike of some sort.

Check out our savior in action in the video below. Even superheroes run out of milk and have to go out in the middle of the afternoon sometimes.