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Batman Day means free comics and more

The Dark Knight turns 75 this week, but shows no signs of slowing down. Celebrate with free capes, masks, and other geek goods.

Batman has no plans to retire to Florida just yet. DC Comics

The Caped Crusader would be approaching his geriatric years were he not able to access the superior health care and anti-aging resources that come with being a fictional character. All the more reason to celebrate Batman's 75th birthday on Wednesday.

DC Comics has declared July 23 " Batman Day" in honor of the crime fighter's 1939 comic book debut. To celebrate, the company partnered with comic book and fan stores nationwide to distribute a free, special edition of Detective Comics #27, which reimagines the introduction of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego to the world, as designed by Chip Kidd and best-selling author Brad Meltzer.

Your local comic book vendor should also have a load of other special 75th anniversary collectibles on hand, including a commemorative cape and four special masks with different looks from the Dark Knight's long history.

Fans of Robin, (Andy) Richter, and the other oft-forgotten sidekicks of the world also get their due, as new comics starring the Boy Wonder are also being released as part of the celebration.

If you happen to be too busy working all day and fighting crime all night on Wednesday, never fear, a number of libraries will be hosting Batman Days of their own on July 26. Show us how you celebrate by tweeting pics to @crave.