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Church of Geekery: Reflecting Batman, Avengers in stained glass

Artist Marissa Garner designs window art featuring superheroes, robots and comic book villains. "I would go to this church," fans say.

This design for an Avengers stained glass window would inspire a few heroic hymns. Marissa Garner

Fans who worship Batman, the Joker, Spider-Man, the Avengers, Transformers, Sailor Moon and Pokemon, now have stained glass art worthy of their admiration.

Artist Marissa Garner, who works as a consultant at Eleventh Hour and Walt Disney Imagineering, uses stained glass windows as a muse to design homages to everything geeky she loves.

"I love stained glass as an art medium," Garner told Crave. "It combines my two favorite things -- color and light. I grew up loving video games, anime and cartoons. There are fans who celebrate these stories and characters in almost a god-like status, and stained glass traditionally is a visual storytelling medium in churches."

"Once I thought of those two parts, it just seemed to work and I tried it out for fun," Garner told Crave. "Never in my imaginings did it occur to me that people would love this idea so much and I would even get comments of 'I would go to this church.'"

While her designs would indeed make impressive church windows, Garner only creates art prints of her designs (which are for sale on Etsy), not actual mosaic masterpieces made of glass and metal.

Wayne Manor could use a few windows like these. Marissa Garner

"As much as I would love to -- it would probably be a bad idea," Garner told Crave. "I tend to be accident prone so combining sharp pieces of glass, a blowtorch, metal and me might prove to be fatal. But I have had a few artisans who have approached me and asked permission to use my designs as a template."

Her art may trigger an emotional response from some fans who deem Sailor Moon and My Little Pony as religious saints, but Garner gives credit for her inspiration to the actual character creators.

"I am so thankful for all the positive responses these pieces have received, and that people enjoy them as much as I do," Garner told Crave. "But I have to give the most appreciation and thanks for the writers and artists that have created these stories and characters we love so much. They are an inspiration to me on an everyday basis, and this is my little way of celebrating their effort and creativity."

These Transformers look more like religious saints in disguise in this print. Marissa Garner