Batkid, Bill Nye, and more: 10 geeky highlights of 2013

From Batkid to a Lego car that actually runs, 2013 was filled with thrilling geek moments celebrating hacker ingenuity, superheroes, and zombies.

The San Francisco Chronicle put out a special Batkid edition.
San Francisco Chronicle

The past year has been a collection of geeky surprises, ranging from the Ben Affleck-as-Batman announcement to an actual running car crafted from little plastic Lego bricks. Plus, who could have predicted Bill Nye's stint on the dance floor of "Dancing with the Stars?"

One of the most memorable moments happened when a 5-year-old cancer patient named Miles donned a black superhero suit and became Batkid for a day as throngs of well-wishers lined San Francisco streets to support him. It was a spectacular Make-A-Wish achievement featuring real-life superheroes and an outpouring of global love.

What was your favorite geek happening from the past year? Did it make our list? Check out our choices and share yours in the comments.