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Barnes & Noble releases Nook for iPhone

The promised all-new Nook for iPhone app has arrived, along with an update to the bookseller's Nook for iPad app.

The new Nook e-reading app for the iPhone has finally arrived.
Barnes & Noble

Recently, Barnes & Noble announced that it was rebranding its eReading software across various platforms and calling it Nook. As part of that evolution, the company has released a "next-generation" Nook for iPhone application that incorporates many of the features found in its Nook for iPad app. At the same time, it's updated Nook for iPad to include some new features, including one that allows you to rate e-books from within the app. Users had been requesting the feature, the company said.

Nook for iPhone appears to be a big improvement over the company's previous B&N eReader for iPhone. As with the iPad app, you can customize color themes (for backgrounds and links) and set the screen for day and night reading, as well as control the screen brightness. The company says the eBook cover art and text have been been optimized for the iPhone 4's Retina display but it also looks just fine on earlier iPhone and iPod Touch models. Barnes & Noble's LendMe feature, which allows you to lend out certain e-book titles to one friend one time for 14 days, is also integrated into the new app.

Check out all the features on the Barnes & Noble Web site or just download the app here. It's free, after all.