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Barb lives! 'Stranger Things' star resurrected for Golden Globes

Sunday's awards show gets off to a splashy start when the departed favorite makes an appearance.

Things started off swimmingly at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, broadcast live on NBC from the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. Not only did the youthful stars of Netflix's creepy, 1980s-set series "Stranger Things" make an appearance, their late pal Barb took a splashy role early.

Host Jimmy Fallon's opening number spoofed the freeway-set opening scene from nominated film "La La Land," with a star-studded cast. The highlight for many was when Millie Bobby Brown and the young actors from "Stranger Things" started rapping, and announced their "secret": "Barb is still alive!"

The skit then cut to actress Shannon Purser, who played the (presumably) late Barb Holland, a character that (slight spoilers ahead) met her fate at a swimming pool that seemed to connect to the horrifying Upside Down. But in this sketch, the pool seemed to resurrect beloved Barb, who not only rose from the water smiling, but was surrounded by an Esther Williams-style water ballet of a dozen or so additional Barbs.

Fans reacted exactly as you would think.

As much as we love Brown promising us a live Barb, that's unlikely. "Stranger Things" creators Ross and Matt Duffer have flat-out said that Nancy's vanished bestie is dead, though they've also promised some justice for her in season two.

Maybe that Golden Globes pool she was splashing around in was the dead pool, but it was still nice to see Barb looking happy again.