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Internet left conflicted by Obama's epic vacation photos

After leaving the White House, the 44th president went kiteboarding, yielding photos that still polarize as much as the politics he left behind.

After eight years in office that started with a historic economic crisis and ended with a historic defeat for his party, Barack Obama has earned some time off. But the former president's photos from his beach vacation with billionaire tycoon Richard Branson are creating a typhoon of mixed emotions on social media.

Branson posted the above video on his YouTube feed of the duo's friendly competition to see if Obama could stay up longer on a kiteboard than Branson could on a foilboard. The ex-POTUS won and it quickly became the top trending video on the platform Tuesday morning.

But the images from Obama's life after leading the free world left many feeling a little envious, or like the president was rubbing that gorgeous azure salt water in a fresh wound.

Many people found themselves feeling a little like an ex who comes out on the short end of a break-up.

Of course, there are also plenty of well-wishers.

Meanwhile, 😅 Our former President is not just living life, but Enjoying life! #obama #onthetext

A video posted by Mr. Silver (@silver_shots) on

Oh well, I mean YOLO, right? But when is the Obamas' vacation finally going to end? I mean you do you and all, Mr. President but geez, it's still winter back here at home.

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