Bar Refaeli kisses nerd in Go Daddy Super Bowl ad -- world outraged

Yes, those Go Daddy people really know how to use sex to their advantage. This year's Super Bowl wheeze is no exception.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Beautiful? Go Daddy/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

America has a relationship with sex that can best be described as uncomfortable.

Over the years, the wily manipulators at Go Daddy have tried to soothe -- or, for some, exacerbate -- this discomfort with various sexual exploits at Super Bowl time.

This year is no exception.

For the company has decided to offer an ad in which Bar Refaeli kisses a nerd who is not quite as pulchritudinous as herself.

Which nerd could be?

The point of this is clearly strategic. Go Daddy as a brand is both sexy and nerdy. Of course it is.

And of course certain parts of America are already sickened, appalled, nauseated, and outraged.

Why would this be?

NBC's "The Today Show" has already philosophized on the fact that the unexpurgated version of this ad shows contact beyond the merely labial.

Indeed, "The Today Show" is so shocked that there might be inner oral contact that it pixillated that contact out.

In addition, as if to create distance from this shocking, titillating manipulation, "The Today Show" mentioned the entirely relevant fact that the ad was shot in the very same studio where they shot "Psycho."

The kind would attempt to argue that this comment merely served to suggest that too much of America is psycho about sex.

The more passionate version will not run during Sunday's game.

Some might imagine, though, that this moralizing fulmination is a mite sad.

As Refaeli herself told "The Today Show": "I have a very strange dream that all my friends know about where I go to a club, look around, choose the guy most unlikely to be kissed, and kiss him in front of everyone, so that he'll remember it for, I dunno, the rest of the week."

The nerd gets the girl.

Surely that's how it should be. The nerds have all the money these days, after all.

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