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Banker allegedly sends police drunk-driving pics, police not amused

A Chinese banker allegedly posts Weibo pictures of himself at the wheel with captions such as "Is ten beers too much?" The police decide it is, indeed, all too much.

Shenzen City, China, where police don't tolerate mockers. HansonMA/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Being a banker has its pressures.

There's the pressure of money all around you. Then there's the potential pressures of ignorance and arrogance that always seem to lurk around lucre.

Perhaps this is what caused 29-year-old Chen Teng to allegedly taunt police with his alleged drunk-driving art.

In the words of the Daily Mail, Teng has a rather fancy computer in his BMW. From it, he decided to beam out images of his reckless driving.

One had him holding a beer. It was accompanied by the lyric: "Is it unlawful to drive while drinking?"

Another caption offered: "Do you really think ten beers is too much to drive with?"

These LOLbrattish images he posted to Weibo, China's equivalent of Facebook. He wasn't satisfied with merely posting. He made sure to direct them to the traffic police in Shenzen City.

You might imagine that the police would tire of such taunting. History has taught the socially networked and overconfident that sticking your virtual tongue out at the police is not an intelligent maneuver.

Who could forget San Diego fugitive Wanda Podgurski tweeting at the police and then being, well, caught?

In Teng's case, the police caught up with his car and therefore him. Though he allegedly claims the beer bottle in the image was empty and he was only having fun, he has been charged with many, many traffic violations -- some of which he'd apparently boasted about online.

Oh, and he also seems to have lost his job.

So please remember that if you're attempting to do something illegal, or have already done so, the joy of boasting about it only lasts so long.