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Balanzza modular carry-on fits anywhere

Forget fat carry-ons. Slim down with this detachable three-in-one and stick what you need under airplane seats.

The Truco is three bags in one to better fit airplane storage spaces (click to enlarge).

I hate how carry-ons have made flying even more unpleasant than it already was. More and more passengers aren't checking their luggage, creating chaos in the aisles as cabin space evaporates.

I welcome any solutions. One might be slimmer carry-on luggage. Balanzza's Truco is a three-in-one piece that comes apart to fit space over and under airplane seats.

Known for its handy Digital Luggage Scale, Miami-based Balanzza's latest offering is a suitcase, laptop bag, and tote bag that clip together to form one carry-on.

Many travelers already sling smaller bags over their carry-on handle bars; the clips take it a step further. The Travel Utility Carry On is a full 20 inches long (airline limits are often 22-24 inches) when the three bags are attached with clips. When you board your flight, you un-clip the components to fit the available storage.

Valuables can be placed in one of the smaller bags if the larger one gets stowed remotely due to lack of space. Pretty nifty.

The Truco comes with a five-year warranty and is available for $199 at Balanzza.