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'Baking Bad': Hit Netflix shows take on new life with altered titles

Popular TV shows including "Breaking Bad," "House of Cards," "Mad Men" and "Orange is the New Black" get amusing makeovers with modest name changes.

In "Arrested Developers," Michael Bluth takes up coding. Superfi

What if Walter White didn't turn to cooking meth after he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, but instead got into baking to make enough dough to cover his treatments?

That's the premise behind the fake show "Baking Bad," one of a handful of slightly tweaked versions of popular TV shows reimagined by UK hi-fi and home cinema specialty store Superfi.

Superfi released a series of images on the company blog Wednesday that slightly alter the names of several popular shows to completely change what the shows are about. Along with the reworked title is a new featured image for the series, as well as a synopsis and fake awards section.

Walter White turns to baking in "Baking Bad." Superfi

Arguably the best such combination is for "Sad Men," a "drama about employees of New York's most prestigious ad agencies in the 1960s who meet every weekend to watch "The Fault in Our Stars" and other romantic tearjerkers." That fictional series won three awards at the Kleenex Awards Show, including one for best use of tissues in an office environment.

I laughed pretty hard at that one.

You can see the funny Netflix descriptions for the shows -- including "House of Kards," "Orange is the New Apple," "Better DM Saul" and "Arrested Developers" -- on Superfi's blog. Its previous work reimagined top music albums in the Star Wars universe, shown in the gallery below.

All that's missing is a description for "Game of Scones," which might be the bloodiest, sexiest baking show in all of Lemon Zesteros.