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Bag bench shields cases from harsh real world

Worried about your gadget bags getting tainted by floor yuckiness? Now you can store them safely on their very own stand. Yep, it's furniture for bags.

el-BagPed stand
Workiture bills the el-BagPed stand as "the perfect place to store your bag and personal belongings at work, while you work."

You got yourself a nice new bag to protect your precious gadget. But how do you protect the precious bag that's protecting your precious gadget?

Enter Workiture's el-BagPed stand, which gives you an elevated place to store your bag away from the icky gook- and germ-ridden ground. My laptop bags have spent years rolling around on office and train floors and have never once gotten a staph infection, but maybe they just have unusually hardy immune systems.

The el-BagPed stand appears to take its job very seriously. It's made from cold rolled steel, then sanded, TIG-welded, and powder-coated by furniture craftsmen.

It's 16.2 inches wide by 18.7 inches high by 11.2 inches deep and comes in six different shades to complement or clash with your many gadget bags. It goes for $169 without a shelf and $199 with one.

Of course, those willing to cough up $200 for bag furniture might find themselves concerned about how to protect the shiny new stand that protects their bags. Oy. This could get meta really fast.

(Via The Gadgeteer)