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Tom Brady wants his nickels back in 'Bad Lip Reading' video

Kick off your prep for Sunday's Super Bowl with a look at what NFL players were saying -- or singing -- on the gridiron this season.

The "Bad Lip Reading" take on the presidential inauguration gave the world a sneak peek into what Donald Trump and Barack Obama were really saying to each other on January 20 -- and the video has more than 27 million views.

Now, with the New England Patriots ready to take on the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday's Super Bowl, fans can get a sneak peek into what NFL players were not really saying during the 2016-17 football season.

Of course, the Super Bowl-bound teams, especially Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (of gigantic coat fame), come in for more than their share of mockery.

How do the Patriots manage to go to so many Super Bowls? Maybe it's the invisible border Brady draws around himself on the field. "This wall is magical," he announces. "You can't touch me!"

That's not all faux Brady has to say. On the field in the huddle, he reprimands his teammates for stealing nickels out of his locker. "Every one of you guys is now a suspect, OK? Smurfs!" He also reveals he's "half Hawaiian... the Greek half."

The Patriots' Super Bowl opponent pops up a few times, too, with Falcons' coach Dan Quinn hunting for his missing car tires on the sideline, and QB Matt Ryan desperately trying to talk to his teammates as they all wander off uninterested.

No position is better represented than quarterback. Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford has apparently turned into a snarling wolf, which sadly didn't help against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Wild Card game.

San Diego (now L.A.) Chargers QB Philip Rivers turns out to be an "X-Files" fan, while Packers QB Aaron Rodgers calmly discusses a fatal date in the rainforest. And Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is rocking out to a tune only Big Ben can hear.

Coaches, sideline officials and plenty of other players get the Bad Lip Reading treatment, all to the same gleeful level of insanity. Will someone just get Steelers coach Mike Tomlin a Tic-Tac already?

But maybe the best moment of the video comes early. Julius Peppers of the Green Bay Packers warns teammate Nick Perry, "Just give it a minute, he'll say it," as Clay Matthews strolls by and stops to brag about his golden hair. "Caught that, didn't I?" says Peppers.

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